How I Lost $2700 in 15 minutes and Launched a Company in the Process

The past two years have been spent in and out of San Francisco traveling around the world on this accelerated learning journey. While it’s fair to say that the business venture I was a part of never truly hit its stride, it was such a unique opportunity to further explore what it means to be me and what I’m here to bring to this planet.

Free Startup Idea Fridays: Tools for Network Marketing

Pitch: Direct sales and network marketing are experiencing tremendous growth in recent years on top of already massive numbers to begin with. More than 20 million people were involved in direct sales in the US in 2015 producing over $36 billion in retail sales. Many of these people are first time entrepreneurs starting a home based business with minimal tools help them succeed. We are going to build software tools to help them manage and grow their businesses: the Salesforce of the Network Marketing World.

Setting Up All The Pieces

I've spent some time looking back at the year that just passed. It was an extremely unorthodoxed year from any way I slice it and dice it. I invested a lot of time, energy, effort, resources and money into things that were important to me. Some of those things worked out well. Some not so well.