I build next generation products through technology and simplicity

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When I'm in Ultimate Alignment, I am...

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I've founded, built, advised and invested in over 50 startups including Firehawk Creative, NY Tech Day, Epic Impact, and DigitalOcean.

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I have an abundance of energy and passion for innovation and problem solving and have a unique genius to bring unbound imagination to the creation process.

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Equanimity feels like the key to all of this. That theme seems to reveal itself more and more every day, and I'm fully committed to exploring what this balance means for me personally and the products I'm building.

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When I am not aligned...

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I also like to track things


I thoroughly enjoy tracking my life, but there were two big requirements. (1) It had to be effortless (2) It had to look good. The team at Gyroscope delivered an amazing solution. All of my data is publicly available here which drives me to be a better human.