Why I Joined DigitalOcean


I have had the pleasure of watching the DigitalOcean team in action for a few months now. One thing has stood out to me from the beginning: these guys have a tremendous amount of talent, industry experience, and pushup ability.

Two of the team members have been managing infrastructure on a large scale for 10 years now, one guy has been has been CTO at several startups, and one guy built a cloud. Yeah, he actually built a cloud and this is his second go around.

Another thing is that DigitalOcean is building a product that has some serious love and support from its users. It’s awesome to have users that are passionate about your product, but then you need to make sure you are getting in front of massive amounts of new users.

That’s where I come in. Like I said, these guys have built and awesome product but have not been focusing on attracting users. Jeff’s job is to keep the cloud running and ensure we have enough capacity. My job is to make Jeff’s life miserable by bringing on so many new users he has nightmares!!

Let the battle begin :)