Why I Don't Do Politics...

Yesterday was certainly a kickass day for the internet. In case you live in a cave with no wireless internet, read this and this.

SOPA Smashing Time was a success.

But then shit like this goes down and I get upset — A press release by Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) on the so-called “Blackout Day”

MG Siegler wrote an hilarious response to this on PandoDaily, but it really bothers me that someone with such a vested interest in this bill is allowed to vote on it. Dodd is the head of the MPAA and one of the biggest supporters of SOPA / PIPA, and HE IS CALLING OUT THE INTERNET COMPANIES FOR AN “ABUSE OF POWER”!!!!!!!!

Give me a fucking break. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! So infuriated.

On top of that, then I find this — Hollywood Moguls stopping Obama Donations Because of President’s Piracy Stand

God knows how much money we’ve given to Obama and the Democrats and yet they’re not supporting our interests. There’s been no greater supporters of him than we’ve been from the first day and the first fundraisers continuing until he was elected. We all were pleased. And, at its heart institutionally, Hollywood supports the Democrats. Now we need the administration to support us. This is a very important time for Hollywood. The issue at hand — piracy — is a legitimate concern. But Google and those Internet guys have been swiftboating the entertainment industry by saying we’re trying to shut down the Internet just because we don’t want them to advertise pirated movies.”

Oh, damn. It’s really too bad that these Hollywood execs feel that they can’t buy the laws they want anymore. Good for you Obama.

This is all pretty pathetic, and as you can tell it makes me quite angry. I don’t do politics. I purposefully choose not to pay attention. It is strategic ignorance at its finest.

A part of me says I should really pay more attention to all of this, but the sensible part says I’d rather not have a heart attack at 29.