"What You Eat Don’t Make Me Shit"

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a music video with some delicious lyrics, so we’re coming back strong. This quote is exploding with awesome on so many levels - right down to its literal meaning. If you want to eat McDonald’s 6x a week and never exercise, don’t let me stop you. Your unhealthy lifestyle has no impact on my health and general awesomeness.

I like to take it a step beyond physical health. Jim Rohn said it best. Success leaves clues — and so does failure. You have to figure out what unsuccessful people are reading and don’t read it.

You want to watch the Jersey Shore or the nightly news about the most depressing stuff possible when you go to bed, do it. You want to depend on 3 cups of coffee to make it through your day, do it. You want to spend most of your waking hours playing some video game or being blacked out drunk, do it.

I won’t. I’m gonna take a different approach.

I’d rather plan out the following day and plot world domination before I go to bed so my subconscious does some ass-kicking while I sleep. I’d rather live an all-around healthy lifestyle so that I can snap my fingers and pull some energy out of thin air when I really need it. I’d rather spend my time learning and improving myself and those around me.

You’re an adult. You can eat whatever the hell you’d like that’s perfectly find with me. I don’t judge. Remember: what I eat doesn’t make you shit either. “I’m just trying to do me.”