What is Firehawk Creative?

Firehawk Creative is a development partner that works with carefully selected, early stage startups and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Our development process is carefully constructed to transform an idea through wireframes and storyboards to a fully functioning and polished product. We completely focus our resources to one product at a time to ensure that we are providing our partners with the ultimate experience.

From our time at the NYC Dev Shop as a founder / head of product and lead developer, we have extensive experience building startups from the very earliest stages of conception. We’ve learned so much during that time and have used that experience to form the four pillars of Firehawk Creative.


We love building startups. We love working with talented entrepreneurs. And we love solid ideas. We carefully screen and select every project we build to ensure we are passionate about our work. We want to pour our heart and soul into everything we do.


We’ve built over 20 startups in just about every vertical and industry. We will only take on projects where we think we can add immense value. We know there are certain projects where we are not the best fit and we are happy to make referrals to other developers when appropriate.


We think that there are tremendous opportunities for improvement in the development world when it comes to collaboration. We’ve experienced time and time again that the best products are a result of a strong collaboration between the developers and the entrepreneurs. We aim for maximum collaboration throughout the entire project lifecycle.


We can’t overstate this one enough. Total honesty from day one from all parties is crucial to everything that we will do together. If we disagree with something, we’ll tell you. If something is more complicated than we initially thought, we’ll tell you. If you’re not happy with how something turned out, you better tell us so that we can fix it. Complete honesty every step of the way.

You deserve a better development partner. Firehawk Creative is here to show you exactly what that means.