We Are Only As Good As the Schedule We Keep

I am at war. It's been 1,578 days since the first shot was fired on June 4, 2011. Both sides have experienced amazing streaks of successes as well as devastating defeats. There have been treaties and stalemates, strategic alliances and prolonged negotiation talks, but I'm happy to report that the war appears to be coming to an end. The forces of good seem to have prevailed and marched the bad guys right out of town. Now we will see how long the good guys can keep the peace.

I'm talking, of course, about my personal war with writing.

I've made public declarations through blog posts, tweets, New Year's goals and other shared attempts to try to end the war. I've can't recall how many times I was certainly certain that I would begin writing every day. I can tell you exactly how many times I've failed at that goal though. It's exactly the number of times I've made those statements. The bad guys have a 100% success rate of squashing the rebellion to write every day. It would be quite embarrassing if embarrassing were a thing for me. But......

That all ends today :)

I could tell you all about the reasons for my failure in the past. I could tell you about how much I've grown in the past 1500 days. I could come up with excuses. I could talk about the times where I've temporarily succeeded. But I won't do any of that.

I'll tell you about the one thing that has changed, and why it makes all the difference in the world.

I've scheduled in writing as part of my daily routine and made it a priority. If it's on my schedule, it's real. Otherwise, it's just a "probably."

Why is writing now a priority for me? Writing leads to growth and growth is one of the most important things in my life.

I look back at my writing style and ability from years ago all the way back to my first published blog post 1,578 days ago, and it's clear to see how much I've improved. I also notice patterns of some really solid writing when I was consistently producing content. It is definitely a skill, and it is definitely not like riding a bicycle. I can't just write once every 3 months and expect to make any significant improvements. I need total immersion.

Now that it writing is on the schedule and it's real, I'm going to be writing every day. Sometimes I will publish these posts right away. Other times, I won't. If it's content I really care about, I probably won't publish immediately as I'll want to do some editing and re-writing. If it's something like this where I'm just talking to myself, I'll publish same day with grammar and spelling mistakes and all.

Thanks for following along, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of peacetime as much as I do.