Tracy Morgan Advises NY Tech Day

"It’s all about results. It doesn’t matter how the f**k you get there. It’s all about results."

(Please note: for maximum effectiveness, all quotes must be read in Tracy Morgan’s voice)

Alec and I were talking outside our office about NY Tech Day when a man walking by on the street couldn’t help but jump into our conversation with the quote above.

Solid advice. No doubt. But as this man passed by on the sidewalk, I couldn’t help but think he looked incredibly familiar. Tarynn, our newest team member, was the first to recognize the scholarly gentleman. Sure enough, Tracy Morgan was dropping knowledge on the Tech Day team.

We then caught up to Tracy to thank him for the advice and quickly realized that he was only getting started.

"It’s all about results. A high school dropout like me can make $20 million a year. Look at people like Steve Jobs and Tina Fey. They get shit done. They produce results."

Much love for Tina, but we find it tough to put anyone in the same category as Steve Jobs.

Tracy also had some advice for Tarynn, but it’s probably best for everyone if we keep that between us :)

Most importantly when asked about getting him involved in NY Tech Day, Tracy responded promptly with

"I got my own events man. You gotta do you."

We’re all still holding out and hoping that Tracy reconsiders. Forget about hosting SNL. Tracy Morgan hosts NY Tech Day Award Ceremony has a much nicer ring to it.