Time to Dust Off the Typewriter

It's been 65 days since the last time I published a blog post.

I knew it had been a while, but looking up the date of my last post took me on a rollercoaster emotions. Mental constipation. Sadness. Happiness. Frustration. Joy. Fear. Anticipation.

It's clear that I miss writing regularly.

A part of me wants to be upset that I haven't written anything in so long, but I'm not upset at all. So much has happened during those 65 days, and I clearly made a choice that writing wasn't a priority. I went to Florida. I remodeled my bathroom. I went to Vegas. I surfed a lot. I started working with an amazing business coach. I went to San Diego. My grandmother passed away. We landed our biggest client ever at Firehawk. I spent some amazing quality time with my family. We've got some monstrous plans for Firehawk coming in the very near future. I miss my grandma.

I made the choice not to prioritize writing. Now I am making the choice to write regularly. Maybe regularly means every day. Maybe it means several times a week. I guess we'll have to wait and see.