"Think I’ll Buy Me a Football Team"

I recently heard a cover performance of The Dark Side of the Moon and can’t even begin to imagine how amazing Pink Floyd would have been live. The lyrics to “Money” sure are perfect for this week.

Think I’ll buy me a football team. Weird how Pink Floyd had the Philadelphia Eagles in mind when they wrote this song.

The Eagles most certainly bought just themselves a football team or “dream team” as some have called them. Now I traditionally have been a big hater of all sports related to Philly - growing up with a Giants fan father and a Jets fan mother. I’m also a serious Yankees fan, so the Phils are currently Enemy Number 2 (behind Boston of course).

But I’m hear to give props to the Eagles and more specifically Andy Reid and Michael Vick. It wasn’t just money that bought all those free agents. Many teams had the money to spend. It was the environment and leadership and the vision of coming together to win a championship.

Reid is a mastermind - seriously underrated as a coach as far as I’m concerned. He was the only one willing to take a risk on Vick. He was willing to give him a second chance. Maybe Reid saw this whole scenario playing out or maybe he believes in underdogs (potentially inappropriate word choice but get over it) and second chances. Who knows?

Reid and Vick have attracted top talent to their cause because of the environment and vision and not just the money. Sure money had something to do with it, but only something and not everything.

Take note startups - especially you well-funded ones. Money and funding does not attract the best talent. It helps, but it’s all about your team and your vision.