The Ultimate Me: January Progress Report

One month down in the new year. Time to call myself out publicly on the things I’ve done well and not-so-well.

I’ve committed myself to making 2014 The Year of the Ultimate Me with some super ambitious goals (not bullshit resolutions, but musts). These goals span the 7 areas of life that are most important to me right now. As with anything you deeply care about, you must measure it to improve it.


Executive Summary

I made some radical changes in quite a few areas in January. Overall, I am super happy with how I performed against my goals. Did I complete 100% of what I had hoped? Nope. Does that mean last month was a failure? Absolutely not. I am very pleased with the consistency that I was able to establish and know that consistency is going to allow me to do even better in February.

Where I’m Kicking Ass

  • Health Goal: 175 lbs and 10% body fat

Started the month: 190.8 lbs and 15.5% body fat

Heaviest I weighed: 193.8 lbs and 16.0% body fat

Ended the month: 179 lbs and 13.9% body fat

  • Health Goal: Wake up every work day at 5am

100% complete. Crazy, but true. There were 3 mornings in January were I woke up at 5 but didn’t complete my morning routine. Will get better next month.

  • Health Goal: Perform a P90x2 workout every day

Oh so close to perfection. I missed one day in January, and it was an optional Sunday stretching session (not even a workout). But a miss is a miss. 30 out of 31 very solid and I’m very proud of this one.

  • Health Goal: Eat Paleo and no fast food

I’ve been very good with what I eat. I’d say my diet is somewhere around 90% Paleo which is perfectly acceptable to me. I eat super healthy during the week. The only time I eat food that isn’t strictly Paleo is the supremely delicious pancakes I cook myself on Sunday morning and on rare occasions when I go out to a restaurant but can’t find a Paleo option. As reflected in my loss of 10+ lbs in January, we’re firing on all cylinders here.

  • Business Goal: 1st Quarter Revenue Target

On the third day of the year, we closed an amazing project that brought us over 60% of our quarterly revenue target. That is one hell of a way to start the year. We’re working on a few things now that will bring us over 100% for the quarter, but we’re not there yet.

  • Business Goal: Yearly Revenue Target

Based on our 1st Quarter Revenue Projections, I feel comfortable with our progress so far.

  • Growth Goal: Read 2 books a month (1 Business, 1 Personal)

Great success. I’ve been crushing this one. It’s amazing how much time you can find to read if you really look for it. Why is this in the kicking ass when I’m only meeting expectations? Simple, one of the books was 850 pages of Game of Thrones and that’s a hell of a lot of reading to find time for.

Where I’m Acceptable

  • Business Goal: $5,000 / month in passive recurring revenue

$0 so far. I feel really good about this one. There are serious plans in motion that are going to allow me to crush this goal. All I can say for now is more to come soon.

  • Business Goal: Blog 6x / month (2 personal and 4 business)

Partially complete. I wrote 3 personal posts and 3 business posts. Hit me 6, but needed one more business post. This goal is tough as business priorities dictate when I have time to blog, but with anything in life, we make time for the things that are important.

  • Money Goal: Goal: Pay off credit cards in 3 months

On target to have this done before the end of February.

Solid progress. The initial design is almost complete. It needs some minor tweaking. I’ll be ready to begin coding in March.

  • Growth Goal: Complete January’s Monthly Experiment

January’s experiment was to come up with 10 ideas a day. This was really tough. I think I missed 5 days. Other times, I came up with over well over 10. Full writeup coming soon.

  • Contribution Goal: Mentor 2 entrepreneurs

Partially successful. I’ve been working with a handful of entrepreneurs who are at the earliest stages of starting their startups. I would say though that it would count as informal mentoring. Improvements in this department coming soon.

  • Relationships Goal: Strengthen my “Core 5”

Success, but this goal is never ending. More to come here.

  • Rewards Goal: Trip to Brazil

Plans are in motion to make this happen. So excited.

  • Rewards Goal: Drink to taste

For the month of January, I had exactly 9 alcoholic drinks. This is a little higher than I would have liked. Half of them came from a few whiskey tasting events I ended up at for business. I’m ok with these. The other half came from a night out with friends where I drank a little more that night than I would have liked. It happens. I’m human. I’m working on it.

Where I’m Failing

  • Health Goal: 6.5 hours of sleep a night

Not even close. I hit 6.5 hours of sleep only 10 nights. I averaged 6 hours and 10 minutes of sleep. The most sleep I got was 8 hours and 13 minutes on a glorious Saturday night because I slept in with no alarm clock. The least amount of sleep I got was 4 hours and 8 minutes (that happened twice). I must do better in this department. Sleep was the one goal that I compromised in order to achieve the others. Now that I am starting to find a rhythm, I will fix this.

  • Contribution Goal: Volunteer once a month

Failure. Damn. Upset with not getting this one done. Will volunteer twice in February to make up for it.

No Progress

  • Health Goal: Completely unplug for 2 full days per quarter

No progress. This one is going to be tough. I am going to schedule one day in February to make it happen though.

  • Business Goal: Attend Business Mastery next winter

No progress.

  • Business Goal: Get twitter handle @jbp3

No progress. Grrrrrr… Damn you Jaqueline Penrod.

  • Business Goal: Properly shut down PWM

No progress.

  • Money Goal: Pay off car payments in 6 months

No progress, but based on credit card goal, I’m comfortable with this.

  • Money Goal: Refinance / Sell house in 12 months

No progress. Zillow tells me that my home increased $31,000 in value during the past month and $58,000 in the last quarter, but I don’t believe anything they say. Sorry Zillow.

  • Money Goal: Build back up a comfortable savings account

No progress, but based on other financial progress, I’m comfortable with this.

  • Growth Goal: Code personal side project

No progress.

  • Rewards Goal: Trip to Europe

No progress.

  • Rewards Goal: 12 rounds of golf

No progress. I can’t find my ball on a clear summer day. With all this snow, I’d go through a case of balls per hole.

Overall grade for the month of January: B+

(and yes, a B+ is totally unsatisfactory in my book. If you’re going to play the game, play to win)

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