The Ultimate Me: February Progress Report

Month number two in the books. February was a tough month for a few reasons, but I’m still very happy with my overall progress.

I’ve committed myself to making 2014 The Year of the Ultimate Me with some super ambitious goals (not bullshit resolutions, but musts). These goals span the 7 areas of life that are most important to me right now. As with anything you deeply care about, you must measure it to improve it.


Executive Summary

February. Ugh. Strikes and gutters. Ups and downs. I had some minor setbacks. Pulling a muscle in my back was annoying and slowed me down a bit physically. There were also some major accomplishments, particularly in the business and financial goals. In January, I made better progress overall toward my goals, but I really think that February was a kickass month for me. It was a big setup month with a lot of exciting things coming soon.

Where I’m Kicking Ass

  • Health Goal: 175 lbs and 10% body fat

Started the month: 179 lbs and 13.9% body fat

Ended the month: 174.8 lbs and 13.4% body fat

Weight Goal Unlocked. Next step: 2x multiplier for Body Fat Goal.

  • Health Goal: Eat Paleo and no fast food

Eating supremely healthy continues to be a successful endeavor. I’ve discovered a few new wonderful Paleo recipes that I enjoy with all my heart (think bacon-wrapped avocado fries). Still no fast food. I decided to reward my healthy eating with a Sonic Blast Milkshake thing at the end of every month. Not at all healthy, but it’s wonderful. I crushed my weight goal for the year by the end of month two, and I’ve done it in a healthy way. Nutrition is in check.

  • Business Goal: 1st Quarter Revenue Target

This is an exciting one. Assuming we close out the month as expected, we are going to have blown this revenue target out of the water. It’s too early to say, but I think we have this one in the bag.

  • Business Goal: Yearly Revenue Target

Another exciting one. I’ll have some more updates for this at the end of the quarter, but we are very much on track for this goal.

  • Growth Goal: Read 2 books a month (1 Business, 1 Personal)

This is by far my favorite goal. I am a reading machine, and yes I am very proud to say that. I never fully enjoyed reading until a few years ago, and as a result, I never made it a priority. Now it is. That makes me happy. In February, I read (and learned a lot from) Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” before crushing “A Clash of Kings” in the second half of the month. Yup — 960 pages just for “A Clash of Kings” in the shortest month of the year. Solid.

  • Relationships Goal: Strengthen my “Core 5”

I think I’ve made the most progress in this goal month-over-month. It is important to me that I surround myself with the right people — people whom I can learn from, am inspired by, are doing good things. That also means removing those who don’t fit into this category. Moving in the right direction.

Where I’m Acceptable

  • Health Goal: Wake up every work day at 5am

During the week, I missed my 5am wake up time 2 days this month. That brings my total for the year to 2 days. One morning I slept an extra two hours because I accidentally started my day at 3am the day before :) Will do better in March.

  • Health Goal: Completely unplug for 2 full days per quarter

I had my first unplugged day! 24 hours without any electronics, internet or anything else that feels like it has a direct plug into my body. It was tough. I spent the entire 24 hours in my apartment which is probably why I got a little antsy at times. I’m going to do another day in March and I’m going to try to fill it will exploration.

  • Business Goal: $5,000 / month in passive recurring revenue

Still reporting $0 so far. That will change by our next report! Two months into the year, I feel that I have a very solid plan of achieving $5,000 / month in passive recurring revenue by year end.

  • Business Goal: Blog 6x / month (2 personal and 4 business)

How can this be partially complete when you look at this blog and see nothing and look at Firehawk’s Blog and only see two posts for the month?! Well, a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff is happening that will be out soon. We also had this wonderful FullStart article come out which attracted a great response.

  • Money Goal: Goal: Pay off credit cards in 3 months

Almost. Thought I could have this done in February. All about cash flow. Definitely on target here to have this done before end of March.

  • Money Goal: Build back up a comfortable savings account

It makes me a lot more comfortable to say that I can move this into the “Acceptable” bucket. Not yet where it needs to be, but things are moving in the right direction.

  • Growth Goal: Complete February’s Monthly Experiment

These monthly experiments are difficult, but that’s why I like them. I made 15 introductions of people who should meet. Not the one a day I was going for, but people definitely benefited from the introductions for the most part. I’m also happy that this has become more of a habit. I’ll consider February’s Monthly Experiment a success even though I didn’t hit the target.

  • Contribution Goal: Mentor 2 entrepreneurs

Again, I would say — partially successful. Right now, there is nothing formal in place. I’ve been doing a lot of informal mentoring and that works for me right now.

  • Contribution Goal: Volunteer once a month

I’m moving this up to “Acceptable” even though it’s not far from the “Failing” section. I gave blood in February. That was the extent of my “volunteering” if you could call it that. It certainly wasn’t what I had in mind when I made this goal, but it is better than nothing.

  • Rewards Goal: Trip to Brazil

Flight will be booked by end of March. Business seems to be lining up for all things to be a go. Fuck yes!

Where I’m Failing

  • Health Goal: Perform a P90x2 workout every day

Major failure. I pulled a muscle in my lower back on 2/16. Quite annoying. I stopped P90x2 for 3 weeks just to be safe. I still rode my citibike around a few times, but no workouts for the 2nd half of the month. This really destroyed my morning routine. Annoying, but that phase is past.

  • Health Goal: 6.5 hours of sleep a night

This is just not a priority for me. I only hit my target of 6.5 hours a night 9 times for the month of February. Only 6 of those 9 nights occurred during the week meaning I couldn’t even hit 6.5 hours on every weekend night and definitely wasn’t hitting my target throughout the workweek.

I averaged 6 hours and 15 minutes of sleep for the month of February. What really killed me is that there were two nights were I got less than 5 hours of sleep — one was 4 hours and 42 minutes and the other was 4 hours and 3 minutes. I can certainly survive on 4 hours of sleep, but it is not optimal. Still trying to find the right balance.

  • Rewards Goal: Drink to taste

I’m moving this one to the failing category. I only drank 2 times in February, but both times I drank more would have liked. I will improve here.

No Progress

  • Business Goal: Attend Business Mastery next winter

No progress.

  • Business Goal: Get twitter handle @jbp3

No progress. Grrrrrr… Damn you Jaqueline Penrod.

  • Business Goal: Properly shut down PWM

No progress.

  • Money Goal: Pay off car payments in 6 months

No progress, but based on credit card goal, I’m comfortable with this.

  • Money Goal: Refinance / Sell house in 12 months

I have a plan. In my head. Which isn’t helping anything. But at least it’s a start. Still. No progress.

After making some great progress with my redesign in January, this fell off the map in February. It wasn’t a priority. No excuses.

  • Growth Goal: Code personal side project

No progress.

  • Rewards Goal: Trip to Europe

No progress.

  • Rewards Goal: 12 rounds of golf

No progress although I watched golf on TV once which got me excited for nicer weather.

Overall grade for the month of February: B-