The Calendar Never Lies

I attended an incredibly intense seminar this weekend like I've never experienced before. It was focused on changing our inner game and performing surgery on our subconscious mind.

Bob, our instructor, Vietnam Veteran and "surgeon," started the seminar by asking us if we were committed to our goals. Some people said yes, some people said no and people like me didn't respond at all because I wasn't sure. Yes, it sucks to sit there and be unsure if I was committed to my goals, but I'm glad I didn't raise my hand to say that I was.

Bob called on people who said they were committed to their goals and crushed them with one simple statement.

"Show me your calendar for the last 3 months."

And that settled that. I knew if we looked at my calendar for the last 3 months, it would show that I definitely was not committed to my goal.

The calendar never lies. If I was 100% committed to my goals, we could quickly look at my calendar for the last 3 months and see all the of massive action I've taken to move me towards my goal. The reality is that my calendar accurately reflected my past commitment level: a rollercoaster ride of activity.

If you think you're committed to your goal, take an honest look at your calendar for the last 3 months. If you still feel that you're committed afterwards, you've either attended Bob's seminar in the past or you're probably lying to yourself.