What I'm Thankful For

I often think about this but never really acknowledge it. Very cliche statement of the day: I am very thankful for the person I have become and the person I am working very hard to become in the future (and great food and 3 football games today of course).


More specifically, I am thankful for two of my core underlying driving attributes: my undying curiosity to learn and my unrelenting competitive spirit.

With the combination of curiosity and competitiveness, I am driven to improve myself every single day — physically, mentally, and emotionally. If I come across something I find interesting and do not understand, I take the time to learn and understand it. If it is physical, I challenge myself to become stronger. And my competitive side forces me to want to make myself better. It’s a vicious cycle :)

As I said, I often wonder why I am driven by curiosity and competitiveness. I am sure my childhood, upbringing, and early experiences have a lot to do with this, but these are certainly not the driving attributes of my brother and sister. And then I wonder if these are things that can be taught. When I have children one day, I want to be able to pass these along.

I accept that I really don’t fully understand why I am the way I am (although the curiosity in me is dying to know), but I am certainly grateful for it and recognize and appreciate everyone who helped me grow and develop and figure out who I am.