The Firehawk Creative Process

The Firehawk Creative Process

The importance of a solid, repeatable process is perhaps the most important factor in the decision to work with a development partner. Consistency and quality of the product is a very telling sign of the maturity of the development team. There is one simple question that can provide so much valuable information. It can reveal stunning weaknesses and inefficiencies or expertise and competence. In essence, this question is what separates the children from the adults...


As much as I love Tumblr, I use it primarily as a platform for pushing out my thoughts onto the world. I also follow a select few people on Tumblr who produce posts I find informative, educational, or inspiring.

I have completely ignored the “discovery" capabilities of Tumblr, which is totally unlike me as I consider myself to be an explorer and adventurer.

So, as part of my new mission to post something relevant every day, I will dedicate my Sunday posts to things I am going to explore and discover on Tumblr. #explorationsundays

And as a special bonus, today you get two posts :)