The Firehawk Creative Process

The Firehawk Creative Process

The importance of a solid, repeatable process is perhaps the most important factor in the decision to work with a development partner. Consistency and quality of the product is a very telling sign of the maturity of the development team. There is one simple question that can provide so much valuable information. It can reveal stunning weaknesses and inefficiencies or expertise and competence. In essence, this question is what separates the children from the adults...

What is Firehawk Creative?

What is Firehawk Creative?

Firehawk Creative is a development partner that works with carefully selected, early stage startups and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Our development process is carefully constructed to transform an idea through wireframes and storyboards to a fully functioning and polished product. We completely focus our resources to one product at a time to ensure that we are providing our partners with the ultimate experience.

My Personal MVP


I am going to use as my own personal Minimum Viable Product. It is an exercise to improve my design and development skills and to do some fun things I’ve had in my head for a while. It is going to be a slow process, but it will keep me entertained for now.

The new redesign is a weak first step — I couldn’t stand that old design, so I just used a very basic Tumblr theme and then customized the HTML as much as possible within reason. There’s still a few ugly things I will be changing soon.

I have a rails app I’ve been working on behind the scenes that still needs some more work before I can push that public. For now, directing the Tumblr blog to the site will have to do until the rest is ready. Fair warning: you are not going to see a lot of progress any time soon for three reasons:

  1. I am writing every line of code by myself and teaching myself everything I need to along the way
  2. I’ve got a lot to learn to be able to implement some of the things I’ve been dreaming up. Luckily for our clients at the Dev Shop, our development team is so much more talented that I could ever hope to be :)
  3. Sadly, redesigning and developing the new site is a super low priority for me (although blogging more frequently is not)

This site is going to be my nerd-hobby. As always, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

"Using Technology to Enable Dreaming"

I know. I’ve heard all the stories. I’ve heard all the gloom and doom. The economy, unemployment, global warming, energy crisis. There are certainly plenty of reasons to be fearful of what the future will bring.

But I’m excited. Much more excited than I’m afraid. Maybe it’s the entrepreneur in me. Maybe it’s my belief that everything happens for a reason. Or that everything will work itself out.

Whatever the reason, I think the future is bright for our children and their children. And it’s things like this video that reinforce my beliefs.

#6WordSummary: technology should enable not kill dreams