Fred Wilson

Why You Must Pay Attention

This morning there were blog posts from Fred Wilson and Mark Suster on convertible debt titled “Convertible Debt" and "The Truth About Convertible Debt at Startups and The Hidden Terms You Didn’t Understand" respectively.

Then the discussion took to Twitter with Dave McClure chiming in, followed by Chris Dixon and then Fred and Mark and a lot of back and forth.

Technology is truly amazing:

  1. It enables these guys to have this great discussion about convertible debt from all over the country in real time. Cool, but that’s not nearly as awesome as
  2. Those of us who pay attention are able to be a fly on the wall of this meeting of the minds and learn from all of them

Instead of gluing yourself to your couch on a Saturday afternoon with some wings and beers to watch college football all day, PAY ATTENTION and you just might learn something :)

Update: Apparently, the conversation on Twitter was so good that these guys decided to help out all of you that weren’t paying attention. Here is Mark’s recap of what was discussed and he is a storify version of it. Fred also wrote a post today about why we should all be grateful for Twitter for allowing this to happen.


my “everyone is a pirate” rant

kind of lost my composure a bit here

When you’re right, you’re right. Nicely done Fred. There is no question that the law as it is currently written does a terrible job of addressing the problem.

I don’t know what the correct answer is, but then again, I’m also not getting paid to figure it out. Maybe one day when I have unlimited free time on my hands, I’ll try to solve some of the problems with the US political system. Until then, I’ll just hope they don’t screw things up too bad and get loud when they get too far out of line like with SOPA / PIPA.

Also, nothing wrong with “kind of losing your composure” every once in a while to really drive a point home. Quite effective actually.