A Sucker Punch to the Face

Every once and a while, we all need a good, solid sucker punch to the face. Maybe not literally, but definitely figuratively.

We need to experience the pain — the pain of losing something we really wanted, the pain of failure, the pain of being blindsided by terrible news. It’s this pain that forces us to keep our guard up and always be on our toes. It’s this pain that allows us to truly appreciate things on a whole new level.

Without out this random face punch, we become comfortable. We become lazy. We become complacent. And you know what happens when we become complacent? First, a little extra TV and some ice cream, then no more gym, then we start getting putting on a few extra pounds, and then BAM! Corporate America wins.

Last night was a sucker punch to the face night for me. Something I had been working on for a looong time was swept right out from under me. And I’m pissed about it. It stings. A lot. But, the anger will fade and I’ll figure out the next step to win back my coveted prize. You know why? Because I’m a lot more determined than to let one little (big) punch to the face stop me.

Take big risks. Pick a fight with a dude twice your size and be ready to fully embrace that punch to the face. It’s going to make you a better fighter and more prepared, so that the next time around you dodge out of the way in time to land the knockout punch.