You’re Playing a Game You Can Never Win

Most entrepreneurs have this vision of one day in the future when they lean back in their chair, kick their feet up on their desk made of rich mahogany and lazily stare out the window of their 42nd floor, corner office window. Life will be so wonderful for them once they are successful.

I think that’s shit.

That day will never come. Zero percent chance. Do you know why? Take a second and really think why that vision is not possible. I guarantee it’s not for the reason you think.

The Curse of Unlimited Opportunity

Here’s why that vision is doomed. If you have what it takes to become an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, you don’t have an off switch. You will chase down that dream forever. It’s just like the saying goes:

“I don’t want to own all the land… just all the land next to mine.”

That’s a game you can’t win.

It’s Your Game, Make Your Own Rules

Instead, you need a true framework for success that you can actually achieve.

It all comes down to an exercise I learned from Dean Jackson (a powerhouse in the direct response marketing world). All you have to do is complete the following statement:

I know I’m being successful when…

Dean is a funny dude. His list is incredibly unique to him. He is living his definition of success each and ever day, and it sounds like a ridiculous amount of fun.

I was going to share my list with you that I wrote over a year ago, but as I reviewed it tonight I realized it’s outdated. I need to revamp my own list. I’m stoked to redo this exercise myself as some time has passed since I created the original. I’ll report back when it's complete.

Until then, I challenge you with this. It’s your life, your game, your rules. You get to make up the rules for when you know you’re being successful. Let’s make sure that the deck is sufficiently stacked in your favor so that you’ve created a game that you can win.