Startup Weekend NYC

I’m here at General Assembly bright and early on a Saturday morning, which can only mean one thing — hackathon…

Today, GA is the home of NYC Startup Weekend — an event focused on Music and Gaming. Having discovered the greatness of Songza and Incredibox all in one week, I’m pretty stoked to see what fun new music apps people will be building. And of course, the inner, repressed gamer in me is excited to come out.

I’ll be here most of the day and in the afternoon tomorrow reppin’ the Digital Ocean team to hook these hackers up with some free hosting for the weekend. We’re also gonna be giving out a $1,000 prize to the overall winner!! If you have some questions or want to find me, just hit us up on Twitter @DigitalOcean.

(Side note: this post was typed entirely from my iPad which finds it convenient to force me to write in HTML. So if there are errors or broken links, deal with it. Take that HTML)