Spring Has Sprung

Spring is a fun season. It's really to bad it only lasts for 4 days here in NYC. Winter. Winter. Winter. Winter. Spring. Summer.

It's certainly amazing while its lasts though.

Sunshine. Flowers. Rooftops. Baseball. Parks. Grilling.

I know those things still exist in Summer as well, but they're so much better in Spring. It's our little reward for putting up with Winter. A 75 degree sunny day in July is just another Tuesday, but a 75 degree sunny day in May is the nicest day of the year.

It's that delayed gratification that makes it that much better. In the case of the seasons and weather, we don't really have a choice and have to deal with whatever mother nature throws at us (unless we have different homes for different seasons).

There are other things that I enjoy so much more if I wait. Sometimes it requires every ounce of willpower I have. I'm currently all in on the Slow Carb Diet, and that Iced Coffee on Saturday mornings is truly magical. It's the same reason I'm not watching Game of Thrones right now. One rainy weekend this summer is going to turn into an epic weekend as I binge watch every episode.

If you have the patience or it's forced upon you, some things are really worth waiting for.