Spring Cleaning


I had no idea when I woke up this morning that today was going to be the start of a personal spring cleaning on a massive scale. I guess I should have seen some of it coming, but I never realized how enormous this would be.

And I like it…

Here’s my growing list of things that are beginning and / or ending today:

  • My gym membership is finally up today — during my 1 year locked-in commitment that damn place went from awesome to shit and now I’m FREEEEE!!!
  • NY Tech Day is over and I’ve just finished wrapping up all the lose ends — whew
  • My roommate moved out this weekend — sad, but I’m happy for him
  • We moved out of the Tech Day office this morning in a very sudden turn of events — the final implications of this are still TBD
  • I got my MacBook Pro back from Apple with a completely replaced and brand new motherboard totally covered under warranty — fuck yes!!
  • I rearranged the icons on my iPhone — ok, this one is pretty irrelevant, but it’s like a totally new phone now :)
  • And 1 more massive decision that was just made and that is much bigger and much more important than all of them combined… sorry, you have to be patient on this for a little bit, but it’s bigtime and it’s awesome

Change is fun…