See Something Say Something

I hop on the bus to head home after too many hours in the office. Tired. Can’t wait for my bed. Sleep soon. But then I see it.

A part of me wanted to just ignore it, but I’ve been trained by all those advertising dollars. See something, say something.

I bent down, picked it up, stood in the front of the bus full of 40 people and yell.

“Did anyone drop a large check on the ground.”

A few people looked up. One person asked how much was large, but no takers. All that energy spent. No positive result to show for it.

I made my way back to the back of the bus, dejected, and sat in one of the 10 open seats. I started looking at the check for any way to reach the lost owner. Not really much to work with.

Sure enough, the guy sitting next to me sees me looking suspiciously at this check and realizes he just dropped it.

Mission accomplished. Random act of kindness performed. One person’s day was improved because I was paying attention. Good enough for me. Now I’m going to bed.