Reading List for 2014

One of my goals for 2014 is to read more — a lot more actually.

In a typical year, I read maybe 2 or 3 books. That is not nearly enough. I really enjoy reading, but I’ve always found that it was one of the things that got bumped to the bottom of this list. I decided to make it a goal and priority.

My Goal: 2 books, every month, 1 business book, 1 personal book, no excuses

I find reading to be one of the most efficient ways for personal growth. The author writes a book with everything they’ve learned through their life and distributes it in a little package of goodness for me to consume. I can spend days learning what people have spent their lives struggling to discover. That’s efficiency.

It’s not all about business and personal growth though. I want to devote half of my reading ambition to pleasure. The first 5 months are dedicated to the Game of Thrones books. So excited for these. I’m also set up for a whole lot of reading packed into the second half of each month as the books are 864 pages, 1040 pages, 1216 pages, 1104 pages, and 1152 pages respectively. Considering I’ve never read a book over 750 pages in my life, it’s going to be quite the challenge to do it 5 times in a row in such a short time frame.

Enough with the why. Now on to the lists:


January: The Ultimate Sales Machine -- complete (best book I’ve ever read on sales and marketing)

February: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook -- complete (must read if you have anything to do with marketing or social media)

March: Built to Sell -- complete (very interesting read, not necessarily applicable for me right now, but still very good to consider)

April: Hard Things About Hard Things (if you ever plan on being CEO of a startup, you'd be a fool not to read this... three times)

May: Four Steps to the Epiphany

June: Innovators Dilemma

July: Delivering Happiness

August: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

September: Linchpin

October: Zen Entrepreneurship

November: 4 Hour Work Week (reread)

December: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Bonus: The Lean Enterprise


January: A Game of Thrones -- complete

February: A Clash of Kings -- complete

March: A Storm of Swords -- complete (HOLY F'ING SH!T)

April: A Feast for Crows

May: A Dance with Dragons

June: Steve Jobs

July: The Paleo Manifesto

August: Die Empty

September: TBD

October: TBD

November: TBD

December: TBD

There you have it. My plan for reading 2 books a month for 2014. If you have recommendations for me or questions about why some of these are on the list, leave a comment!

P.S. I created the image used for this post. This is my 2nd one I’ve created. I think this trend is going to stick for a while :)

mind needs books.jpg