For the last 18 months, I have been involved in quite a few really cool projects. Some of them had better outcomes than others, but all of them were amazing learning opportunities and gave me the chance to work with some incredible people. It has been quite a ride.

The problem: I spread myself too thin dabbling in quite a few different areas and never really focusing. There were many good (and even some great) opportunities that I felt I couldn’t pass up at the time, and as a result I never really had that laser focus on the things that were most important to me. This was the multitasking dilemma at its finest — I did a whole bunch of things moderately ok, but never did any of them as well as I could have.

The solution: I have identified the three biggest priorities that I will be focusing all of my effort on. I know what you’re saying — 3 priorities isn’t exactly laser focused, but hear me out here.

I have 3 priorities: 2 personal and 1 career. They will be at the heart of EVERYTHING I do. As our personal and professional lives sometimes conflict, I have created a hierarchy of which priority takes precedence so that there is never any grey area. I have daily and weekly goals I am setting for each area. And most importantly, I have my unrelenting, way-too-stubborn, determination that will force me to make progress and meet these goals.

So from now on, 100% of my focus and attention is going to be directed at these 3 priorities. I know it may sound a little crazy and extreme, but that’s how I roll. All or nothing.

Maybe one day I’ll find balance and moderation, but for now… Game on!!