A Perfect Day

Greatness is never achieved by accident. It is achieved through hard work, planning, practice, execution, repetition and iteration.

That’s why I’ve set out to plan my perfect day. With the proper structure in place, I then have approximately 19,358 days to endlessly iterate to make it happen.

What is Perfect?

By the definition:

  1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

And that’s exactly how I set out to create my perfect day. It’s not about some miraculous event or doing some truly spectacular. A perfect day simply has to include everything that is important to me. It’s all about inclusion.

So in this regard, the assignment of planning my perfect day came down to determining what is most important to me. Where do I want to focus my energy? What activities give me the greatest feeling of accomplishment?

This framework for perfection has me overly excited as the perfect day is well within my reach.

My Perfect Day

This was such a fascinating assignment for me. As I came up with the list of what would be included in my perfect day, I realized how closely it aligned with the 7 areas of focus I wrote about at the start of 2014. There were two categories that so very interestingly didn’t make the cut: Business and Money. My perfect day didn’t include anything about achieving business goals or making a big sale or anything of monetary significance. This makes me feel really good.

So without further ado, I know my day is perfect when I can check off the following 10 activities from 5 of my areas of focus:


1) Sleep until rested

2) Eat healthy

3) Exercise properly


4) Read

5) Write

6) Be creative

7) Improve


8) Perform unexpected kindness


9) Spend time with the people I love


10) Laugh / Smile / Have fun

That’s it. That’s what my perfect day looks like. Some of these are purposefully vague. I don’t have a specific thing that I am focused on improving, but rather I am focused on finishing every day a little better than I started. Exercise properly could be a high-intensity workout or just a really long bike ride.

I am very flexible with my perfection and look forward to chasing down this day for a long time to come.