Old Habits

This past weekend, I continued a 3-year old tradition of traveling to Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend. Las Vegas represents everything about the old me that I despise, and it didn’t take very long for me to go right back to my old habits.

I am greatly disappointed with myself, but as with every mistake I make I continue to learn and improve from it. As difficult as it is to write about this publicly, I think it helps reinforce the learning process.

That said, here are the things I learned about myself from this past weekend:

  1. I am clearly not yet disciplined enough to put myself in an environment like that
  2. I need to discover some healthy and positive outlets for having fun
  3. I am human

I took a risk, performed an experiment. I thought I could go to Vegas and have a great time while not doing dumb things.

Clearly, experiment failed.

Thankfully, the result of the failed experiment could have been much worse and there is no permanent damage that cannot be resolved.

But that’s part of life. We take chances. Deal with the consequences. Learn from our mistakes. And move forward.

As my dear friend Tim Tebow proclaimed in one of my favorite speeches of all time, “I promise you one thing, a lot of good will come from this…”