NY Tech Day Announces Competition for Early Stage Startups

I’ve had to hold this one back for a while, but I’m super proud of the Tech Day team for pulling this together.

As we’ve been talking to many of you about exhibiting at the event, we heard a common response from early stage startups over and over again.

"This sounds like an amazing opportunity for us, and we really want to exhibit. Even though the price is reasonable, it’s still very difficult for us as we have to be careful about every dollar we spend."

Every time we heard this response, we became more and more frustrated because we know how much these startups want to exhibit and we know how valuable this event will be for them as they continue to grow their companies.

So the Tech Day team has been hard at work behind the scenes to figure out a solution, and we are super excited to announce our competition to win a free booth.

The process is simple. Complete an application sometime between now and March 16 (the sooner the better), and we will present you to our partners. They will then select the companies they want to sponsor.

We can’t thank our sponsoring partners enough for allowing this competition to take place. Companies like Twilio and DigitalOcean have stepped forward to support the next wave of entrepreneurs in the NY tech community. Be sure to include all the fun details and appropriate tags in your application including thins like if you use the Twilio platform or DigitalOcean servers.

We will be announcing a few more “big brother” companies soon. Our goal is to find as many booth sponsors as there are amazing startups looking to exhibit. So fill out you application now and spread the word.

#6WordSummary: New York Tech Day is coming!!