My Night From Hell

To quote Sherlock Holmes:

"The little details are by far the most important"

And because of the little details, here’s what happened to me last night that I highly recommend you avoid at all costs:

Don’t get locked out of your apartment and be forced to try to sleep in the back of your Jeep when it’s cold and raining and you are fighting off a virus and should be getting lots of rest, only to realize that you can’t fall asleep because you drank a 5 Hour Energy 2 hours earlier resulting in an almost complete lack of sleep.

So yes, that was my night from hell. With all my free time not being able to fall asleep, I created this timeline of events over the past few weeks that led up to this:

  • Moved into dedicated office space with locked doors a few weeks ago
  • Had to keep borrowing other people’s iPhone cord to charge my phone during the day because someone swiped mine out of our office
  • Got sick last week, but thought I was over it
  • It was my birthday weekend means that I had plenty of drinks
  • Played a kickball double header in cold rain Sunday morning
  • After kickball, found parking right outside of my apartment, ran inside to hide from the rain and take a nap
  • Took my spare iPhone cord out of my truck because it would be more useful in office
  • Lower immune system from drinking + kickball = sick again
  • Because of cold, slept in late yesterday and didn’t do P90X workout in the morning like normal because I though extra rest would help fight my sickness
  • Went to the NY Tech Meetup last night which meant a late night in the city
  • Left my computer and all my belongings in the office so I didn’t have to carry anything to the meetup
  • Decided to walk back to office after the meetup with my cofounder to talk business / get some fresh air and exercise to help fight cold
  • Got locked out of office as I left my keys on my desk and by 10:30pm everyone with keys that could let me in had left already
  • Drank 5 hour energy because I planned on doing P90X workout when I got home assuming I would just be able to break into my apartment like normal
  • iPhone died on bus ride home
  • Patiently sat in lobby of apartment building at approximately 11pm for 30 minutes with no phone or any other form of entertainment or communication waiting for someone to open up the front door so I could use my previously established counter measures to break into my apartment
  • No one came or left my building, so I couldn’t get past the front door
  • Temporarily gave up on getting into the building because of incredible hunger and went to get some food
  • Went to 2 pizza places in opposite directions that were both closed. Ended up at Dunkin Dounuts with shitty sandwich and hashbrowns
  • On the way back to my apartment, decided to try to break into my Jeep to see if there was anything in there that could help me get into my apartment, charge my phone or generally make this situation any better
  • Realized I had accidentally left my truck unlocked since Sunday after kickball when I was running inside to hide from the rain
  • Remembered that just 2 days earlier I took my iPhone charger out of the Jeep to bring it to the office
  • Saw that I had a giant blanket in the back of my Jeep from when I went camping during the summer
  • Decided to sleep in back of my truck
  • Ended up just laying there listening to the rain for what felt like hours because I was wide awake from the 5 Hour Energy
  • Finally fell asleep but then woke up at 3:43am
  • Decided to try my buzzer again to see if my roommate was home / alive at this point
  • Roommate answered the door, looking angry and possibly hungover, and let me in
  • Took a shower, went to bed, 5 Hour Energy kicked in again somehow and I’m now wide awake at 4am
  • Spent 2 hours in bed trying to fall asleep when my 6am alarm clock went off to get up for the day
  • Skipped my workout again in an effort to get an extra hour of sleep

Moral of the story: I’m an idiot and I’m currently working on about 2ish hours of not good sleep. On the bright side, I think somehow I’ve kicked my cold and I’m going to the Yankees game tonight :)