Need more coffee meetings


I’ve had a couple of really productive coffee meetings in the last few days, and I want more. Mark Suster and Gary Vaynerchuk have hammered home this point with Why You Need To Take 50 Coffee Meetings and Why Taking Random Meetings Matters So Much, so I don’t need to explain the why.

I want to take one coffee meeting every day.

It doesn’t matter if we’re good friends, random acquaintances or we’ve never met before. Let’s meet. I know at least one of us (or more likely both of us) will get value out of the meeting.

One of the most enjoyable things that we do at Firehawk is meet with incredibly talented and passionate people. I love hearing what people are working on, the problems people are trying to solve, what keeps them up at night, the things they are struggling with and being able to offer feedback along the way. This is why I’ve been a mentor for a couple of Startup Weekends and a Lean Startup Workshop. I want to be able to help people who may be in a very similar position to where I was a few years ago. It’s really what makes this startup ecosystem here in NYC (and many other communities I’ve been to) so special.

I’ve set up daily Ohours for 9:30am every Monday through Friday at Financier Patisserie right by our new office at WeWork Labs. I may be flexible to other times / locations if you ask nicely :)

If you want to meet and may potentially be interested in a pistachio macaroon on me, sign up for the Ohours, tweet at me, email, call me, send an owl. Let’s make this happen!