My Hope, Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations! You now have nothing to lose, so let me sell you on my hope…

I hope that…

  • you use the next four years to the fullest
  • you put all political agendas aside and are completely focused on doing whatever is in the best interest of our country and its citizens, not what is right for you, your friends or the democrats no matter who you piss off in the process
  • you put an end to the corruption of congressmen leading committees and championing laws that they and their companies directly (massively) profit from
  • you don’t immediately start thinking about the 2014 elections, the next Presidential election, what you can do and who you have to cut deals with in order keep the democrats in power

Essentially, I am asking you not to be a politician anymore as you have already won everything a politician could. I am asking you to be the leader that this country needs to return America to greatness.

I just hope that I am not asking too much.