My Grandmother is Yoda... (in the kitchen)

Today’s post has nothing to do with startups or entrepreneurs or anything technology related whatsoever. When I saw my grandmother the other day, my nerd brain immediately made this connect: my grandma = Yoda (in the kitchen).

She is 82 years old. She walks very slowly. But the first thing she does when she goes to my parents’ house is go directly into the kitchen and start cleaning.

That’s just the way she is wired. It’s pretty awesome actually. It’s just such an incredible generation difference from where we are today and often times we take it for granted how much our parents and grandparents have actually been through and experienced.

It’s insane. It reminds me of this scene:

Just like Yoda, she is transformed in a time of need — jumping, flipping, spinning — and just like that, the kitchen is sparkling clean.

Anyways. Love ya Gram! Without you, I’d have grown up in quite a messy house :)