My First iPhone

I realized last night that I remember every little detail of the day when I purchased my very first iPhone. It was a sunny afternoon in June, and I went into the AT&T store in Hoboken with one mission and one mission only.

I was coming out of that store with an iPhone.

A salesman came up to me as I held the store version of the “phone” in my hand and asked if I had any questions.

I simply replied, “I’ll take one.”

This must have been a common response, because he was unfazed by the fact that I did not have any questions or beat around the bush at all. As it was, I had been struggling with the decision for months. My loyalty to Verizon and dislike for AT&T was the first major hurdle. Spending $90 a month on a cell phone was the second (I was never a blackberry user. My phone before the iPhone didn’t have the Internet and could barely text properly. Just seemed like a lot for a “phone”).

Thankfully the awe factor of the iPhone got me past both these hurdles.

I then had this awesomely designed box of my very first iPhone in my hand, and I couldn’t even wait to get home to unwrap my new present. I walked to the closest bench on the corner of the street right outside the store, opened the box, and sat there for 2 hours.

Two hours sitting on a bench on the sidewalk in childlike amazement. I even came up with a name for my new best friend. His name was Mr. Wizard, and all of my friends knew to address him by name.

Thank you Steve for making me a kid again.