My 1st 5 Hour Energy Experience


Last night at approximately 9:15 PM, I decided to have my 1st ever showdown with 5 Hour Energy. As a person who really never drinks coffee, hates RedBull and all forms of energy drinks, and generally avoids all things caffeine and soda, I knew I was in for an experience. (Quick Math: 9:15 PM + 5 hours = 2:15 AM Monday morning)

All things considered, I had a very productive night. Got a lot of work things done, caught up on some internet reading, had successful Twitter conversations and started teaching myself how to play the piano again (haven’t played in 15+ years but off to a great start).

2:15 AM came and went. I finally decided to call it quits at 3, and a funny thing happened. Instead of my normal, I’m sleeping in 3.8 seconds after hitting my pillow, I think I was still awake after laying down for 10 minutes or so. Practically a new world record for me.

Now, I am not naive enough to say 5 Hour Energy is the greatest thing ever. I actually question whether similar results could have been accomplished by drinking a 5 Hour Energy bottle filled with water (Space Jam style). And not falling asleep right away can easily be attributed to the fact that I am very excited about the things I am working on.

BUT, all that being said, I will give it another shot. Next time, I will wait until I have hit a brick wall until I take it. For now, the completely unscientific scientific experiment continues…

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