Minor Details


Sometimes I get very caught up in things and forget about some of the minor details of everyday life. Today, a couple of those minor details finally caught my attention:

  • I haven’t checked my mail in over a month (I’ll let you know if I find anything worthwhile in the giant stack that has been accumulating)
  • My truck in theory needs an oil change although the system says it is fine (not sure who to believe here — the “rule” that says every 3000 miles or the computer inside my car that is in the know about all this stuff. Either way it’s probably time
  • My inspection sticker on my truck expired in December
  • My rear passenger blinker is out which I’m sure will prevent me from passing inspection
  • My drivers license expired in October

Somewhere, I’m quite sure there is a healthy balance in life of being super productive and not letting crap like all this slip. I just certainly haven’t found it yet.

Update: it appears as though my registration expires in 14 days. So add that the list as well..