Maseratis and North Stars

Maseratis and North Stars

I have been hugely fascinated with my own personal development. Obsessed really. To the point where I purposely invest a really nice Maserati into my own growth every month. Although I sometimes fantasize about the potential joys of driving a brand new Italian masterpiece, it just doesn't do it for me. One, fancy cars really aren't my thing. And two, it's much more important for me to focus on continually getting better.

I have friends who drive Maseratis and other finely engineered vehicles of perfection. I see how much joy these cars bring them, and I'm happy for them. Instead of leasing a Maserati, I spend that money on leveling up: hiring business coaches, attending unique events and seminars, purchasing training materials and investing in myself. It feels a bit weird even talking about it, but I'm all about it.

When I decided a while ago that I am going to live until my 111th birthday or potentially even forever, I made a commitment to focus on continuously improving. How much would that suck to live another 78 years and only be as good as I am now or worse?! That's my version of a living hell, so it fuels me to get better. Just a tiny bit better. Every. Single. Day.

My biggest discovery

What do I have to show for this lack of a Maserati? Quite a bit (except a Maserati, of course). I'm certain it saved me from blowing up another company. That's pretty damn invaluable. It's also helped me rediscover my genius, surround myself with amazingly talented people, and learn from the best. I've been introduced to this new universe of people playing the game at a level I didn't even know existed. I feel like I've just fallen down the rabbit hole, and now we see how deep this thing goes.

There's one concept I've come across that resonates with me on such a deep level. Alignment with your personal North Star. If everything is not in alignment, then you are fighting yourself to achieve the results you want.

I've created and refined this personal North Star that is now in perfect alignment with who I am and what've I've been put on this planet to do. It's what forces me out of bed at 5am every morning. It's what drives me to be better and say no to fancy cars.

Here is my North Star:

I am the engineer of solutions to the world's most worthy problems through technology and simplicity.

Everything I am and everything I do is focused around that statement.

What's a worthy problem?

That is a phenomenal question. I don't fully know what the most worthy problems are, but I'm committed to finding them and karate chopping them to the throat. I trust in the epicness of the universe to bring me the right problems at the right time.

Right now, we working on a project that can radically improve the health and nutrition of so many people who have struggled to make progress in the past. We're also working with a super smart entrepreneur to increase the humanity within the largest corporations in the world. We're working on some algorithms and software that take a lot of the terribleness out of small business lending world.

In the immortal words of the Matrix, "I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell how it’s going to begin." I'm committed to playing a bigger game. I'm committed to solving more worthy problems. If sacrificing a Maserati is what it takes to give myself even the smallest edge to make that a reality, that is a price I will gladly pay.

Hustle Mode: Re-engaged

Hustle Mode: Re-engaged

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