"Love Rejection"

Let’s clear some things up about this video first:

  1. I am a huge fan of Eminem - hate him or love him, the man is talented
  2. I did not choose this video for its political message - I try to avoid political debates at all costs. I prefer to talk about things that make a difference :)
  3. This song contains one of my favorite lines ever at 1:17…

"Rubber band Man, yeah he just snaps back"

I have two constants in my life that drive everything I do. I am constantly trying to learn new things and am always trying to improve. Every day. At everything I do. Always.

The learning comes easy enough for me because I am a very curious person. The engineer in me asks way too many questions. I think I actually start to annoy people sometimes, because my thirst for knowledge drives me to continually ask questions.

Improving comes much more difficult. Improving takes practice, patience, realizing you need to improve, drive and commitment, and most importantly LEARNING TO LOVE REJECTION.

If you really want to improve, you should seek to get rejected every day - as much as possible really. Of course you have to learn from this rejection, but that is another discussion.

I attended Hackday.TV this past weekend - a 24 gathering of technology folks looking to build awesome things. It was my first ever hackday / hackathon event. Spoiler alert: I did not win. Rejection!!

It was an amazing event with some incredibly talented people who created some amazing hacks. (Check out this video from the team who won: Terminator Vision - very well deserved) I learned a tremendous amount and had a great time. But my team lost and I hate losing. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

After the initial sting, I quickly focused on the rejection and what I learned. Mission accomplished. I went out of my comfort zone to compete against people whose skills were far superior to mine and we put on a pretty good show.

Most teams had 2 or more developers who live and breathe this stuff. Almost all of them have done hackdays before. This was the 5th hackday this year for the team that won and they have a ton of experience in video technology. Our team has almost no experience in video and decided to do this for fun to see what we could do.

Still hate losing. Love the rejection. Makes me stronger, better, improved.

Just like Eminem says “Rubber band Man, yeah he just snaps back.”

I seek rejection, embrace it, learn from it, and then snap back better than ever.