Lose Focus for One Second

"You lose focus for one second, and somebody gets hurt."

George Clooney as Daniel Ocean in “Oceans 11”

Well, today that was me.

Not bad, nothing serious, but I now have a giant volcano-like wound in the middle of my leg.

(Warning: there is some blood in this picture, but these things need to be documented to learn from my mistakes)


To be honest, I’m not sure if it was from pure exhaustion or from lack of focus, but either way, we live and we learn.

I do 3 super sets of a pretty intense leg circuit workout at the gym, and today I tried to mix it up a little and make it more difficult. Got to the end of the 3rd set and was doing 24” box jumps while holding a giant stability ball over my head. Got to #7 of 10…

And down goes John.

I have to go back to yesterday’s post about living on the edge. I guess I took that a bit too literally as my foot slipped off the edge of the box and my shin slammed into the shiny metal frame with all my weight.

Anyways, if your not playing all out, you might as well not be playing at all. See you next week box jumps…