Lance Moves On and So Should You


So here’s the thing…

Did Lance Armstrong’s “potential” use of doping to help him win 7 straight Tour de France titles negatively affect me personally in any way?

Not at all — regardless of your opinion you should read Lance’s statement [edit: looks like they removed Lance’s statement from the site]

Does his continued presence as one of the leading figureheads against cancer make the world a better place?

Yup — almost $500 million raise by his foundation

Do you see Clemens or Sosa or McGuire or Bonds doing anything nearly as inspiring or positive as what Lance is doing?

Nope — Clemens is going to pitch in a minor league game this weekend at the age of 50. McGuire is a hitting coach for the St. Louis Cardinals. And Sosa seemingly fell off the planet. And Barry Bonds is now quite ironically getting into cycling.

Do I believe in cheating in sports?

Absolutely not.

That said, I think what Lance is doing and continues to do should be an inspiration to us all. Let’s move past the ridiculous doping case and focus on the here and the now. Lance is doing what he thinks is best for him and for his foundation, and I support that.