Dear Customers: "Kindly Fuck Off"

Yesterday, Paul Carr wrote a great tribute on PandoDaily to one of his friends and former colleagues — Jason Kincaid. This sparked some (insignificant) controversy in the comments where people said that Pando should “stick to the real news only please.”

For the record, I’m glad Paul wrote this post, and I consider it to be significant news in the tech world. The impact that (the former) TechCrunch and Jason and the whole crew have had on the startup world is more important that any funding announcement in my opinion.

But if you read through the comments — which are quite hilarious — Paul Carr tells one of the commenters to “kindly fuck off.”

Paul is certainly entitled to his own opinion and to express that opinion whenever and however he wants, but is that the really the right thing to do? Sarah Lacy, the founder of PandoDaily, gave her blessing for Paul to “write whatever he wants and swear at anyone” he so chooses.

At the end of the day, the people who are offended by this tribute to Jason as “not being real news” are not the readers that Pando is interested in anyways, but I still feel obligated to ask the question…

Is it ever ok to tell your customers to “kindly fuck off?”