Invincibility lies in the defense

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"Invincibility lies in the defense" via Sun Tzu

I read this quote the other day, and it forced me to stop mid-sentence. It immediately took me back to my childhood dreams of becoming a member of the X-men. I wanted to have a superpower. Being a mutant didn't sound all that exciting, but it seemed a fair tradeoff for being able to emit power beams of energy from my eyes or read people's minds. Certainly invincibility was high on the list of mutant powers as Wolverine is one of the most badass characters of all time.

It had finally become clear. Sun Tzu was creating an army of X-men.

To become invincible, I need an impenetrable defense. It seems a worthy challenge. But what does such a defense look like?

Impenetrable Defense

I wrote about the Mythical Armour of the Entrepreneur and how important it is for entrepreneurs to be comfortable in any situation. Invincibility is a whole new ball game. It requires that armour to extend to all areas of life. That defense must protect everything: health, wealth, relationships, business, friendships, family. Everything.

I'm not here to tell you that I know what the answers are, only that I am seeking them. Perhaps we should go back and read Sun Tzu. The Art of War teaches us preparedness through positioning and quick and appropriate responses to changing conditions. Ok, I can work with that.

As I wrote about with my 2015 Goals last night, it's all about focusing on the 7 most important areas of my life. If I can fortify my defenses in those 7 areas, perhaps there's a superhero action movie not too far off in my future.