I’m only here for fun

(Note: If you are capable of multitasking, I recommend listening to the video while reading the blog. Just make sure you are watching the video around the 5:20 mark)

Arguably one of Bruce’s best songs, this version of Rosalita has a great shout out to “The Big Man” Clarence Clemens. The full line from Rosalita is “I ain’t here for business. I’m only here for fun.”

This is something most people dream about, some people talk about, few people attempt, and only the smallest percentage of people ever actually achieve. It’s about truly loving what you do and taking that chance to make it happen.

Imagine you never have to go to work again because jamming out on the sax is your “job” or playing golf is your “career” or whatever it is you absolutely love doing is your “work.” I know it’s possible - I know these people exist. Like the M&Ms when they see Santa “They do exist…” And trust me, when you meet these people you are instantly aware of how awesome they are. If you’ve ever been to a Bruce show, you know that Bruce and The Big Man and the whole band poured their heart and soul into every performance.

If you give me the choice between work and fun, I’m choosing fun every hour of every day of the week. Luckily for me, I have fun building things, fixing problems, and helping people. I’m not saying I absolutely love all aspects of everything that I am doing right now - that would make me a liar. But I’m very close and getting a little closer every day.

Now I just have to figure out how to remove the remaining “work” out of my fun, and I’ll be living the dream :)