I'm Listening... For the Second Time in my Life

There was a time. I was young, bright-eyed and full of ambition, but I was at a crossroad in life. I asked one of the most successful people I knew for advice. He told me that if I want to be successful, I need to do this one thing.

I thought he was nuts. I listened to him anyways.

I recently had the opportunity to learn from another wildly successful person. He has been training people for 37 years and has a track recording of teaching success that is almost incomprehensible. 37 years is an incredibly long time to be doing anything, let alone doing it at the highest level with unparalleled results.

He told me what I should be doing right now. I'm listening.

I don't fully understand everything he told me to do, but that's not a requirement. I'm doing these things every day now and I'm already starting to see the seedling of results. I can't explain it, but I'm definitely not going to question it either.

Sometimes you have to cast aside all doubt and just listen to what you're being told.