I love my subconscious

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I had this ridiculous dream this morning. I went to this party and ended up falling asleep on a couch at the party. I woke up and knew I had to get going because security was coming, and they were going to be pissed that I was still there. On my way out the door, security stops me and confiscates my bag with my laptop. After trying my best to get my laptop back so that I can go to work and ultimately failing, I get very pissed at security.

That’s when I wake up, still very angry at security for preventing me from being able to work. I then realize it is all a dream and that somehow, in my sleep, I managed to turn off my alarm clock and fall back asleep with my iPhone in my hands. My anger at the security guards for not allowing me to work is what woke me up only 20 minutes after turning my alarm clock off in my sleep.

I’ll let you analyze my bizarre dreams all you want, but I am super happy that I was able to wake up only 20 minutes late to start my day. Could have been much, much worse. Luckily, I leave myself plenty of time in the morning to get everything done.

Even though I unconsciously turned my alarm off this morning, I love my subconscious and am eternally thankful it is there to keep me in check.

Lesson learned: keep iPhone alarm clock out of arms reach at night…