"I. Am. Mine."

Pearl Jam has been a constant in my life since high school. With a lot of change in the air, I thought it was appropriate to get back to my roots.

"I know I was born and I know that I’ll die. The in between is mine. I. Am. Mine."

I know (most of) the questions. I know (some of) the answers. And yet still it’s tough. Paul Graham said it best — “Do What You Love" In the first paragraph, he rightfully admits that "Doing what you love is complicated."

I know where I want to be in 10 years. I have a rough roadmap of how to get there with a whole lot of wiggle room for flexibility.

I know that sacrifices have to be made to make my roadmap possible. My willingness to make those sacrifices is part of what makes this whole thing so damn difficult.

Sleep for example is a very difficult thing to give up (especially given the amazingness of my bed). I’m currently teaching myself to code because I think I need to have at least a working knowledge of how to make awesome stuff on the internet. That happens late at night while most of the world is sleeping.

Drinking and partying has been given up. I used to spend my Friday 5pm to Sunday night drinking and partying heavily and then trying to recover in time to be a real person by Monday morning. I basically don’t drink at all anymore, and there are certainly times where I sure do miss it (Coronas on a warm summer night, fruity cocktails on the beach).

Personal sacrifices have to be made for the greater long-term good — I wish Washington would recognize this.

Please don’t think of these statements as me thinking I am better than anyone or looking down on people. That is 100% not the case. Honestly. You have to do you and I’ll do me.

I. Am. Mine.

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