"How to Make it in NYC"

I am a big fan of “How to Make it in America" (the show that made this song famous), and I was having a conversation about it last night. If you consider yourself to be an entrepreneur (especially in NYC), then you will enjoy this show. It’s just a fact.

As I was walking home after attending the amazingly successful Raise Cache event last night, the comparison became undeniable. I am living out the IRL version of “How to Make it in America.” I would say my situation is currently somewhere around the end of Season 1.

For those of you who don’t creepily stalk every aspect of my life, here’s a quick catch-up to help see the parallels to my boys Ben and Cam.

  • I’ve been busting my ass to make it big in the NYC tech scene
  • I’ve faced rejection almost daily — some big ( TechStars, USV) and many, many small
  • I feel like there are a million obstacles around every corner just waiting to slow me down
  • As a business guy (non-programmer) coming from the world of Wall St, there is always this “outsider looking in” feeling
  • I feel like everything I want is right there for the taking and it’s just out of my reach

If you watch the show, you know this is what they deal with every episode — except they hang out with Kid Cudi and have crazy love triangles (working on the first one, passing on the second one).

This is the part that scares me though. I have these two projects that are going really well. We have been getting some great feedback and unprecedented interest in both. And things are going great. Almost too great. Every day, more good news. It’s amazing. But I’m waiting for my “How to Make it in America” moment.. my “Who’s Yosi?” moment.

I know there are going to be obstacles and roadblocks in the way and times when things aren’t amazing. I’m ready for that. I destroy roadblocks and love doing it. I’m just waiting for the show stopper. But if “How to Make it in America” has taught me anything, it’s that there is no such thing as a show stopper if you don’t let it be one.

Just as all my rejections led me to this incredible place, I know that whatever ridiculousness is in store for me in the future is all just part of the process.