How I Fell in Love with Quora


I know I am late to the game here, but I have recently become a daily user and big fan of Quora. It’s like that girl you’ve seen around before and never really noticed until one day you’re blown away by her beauty.

Quora is such a natural fit for me. I love learning —> I love asking questions to help me learn —> I love being able to ask questions to the entire planet so I’m not always bothering the same person —>  I love that other people can benefit from my questions / answers.

Before I got on this recent Quora kick, I would just Google everything. After a few Google searches led me to Quora, I definitely became interested.

So I started the dating phase by just browsing other peoples questions. Nothing to scare me away so far. Then I quickly moved into full blown relationship status when I answered a few questions. I think I’m beginning to like this. We made the leap of faith to move in together when I began posting some questions of my own.

Then magic happened. I asked a question about the success of the Hunch exit which attracted a handful of followers. An anonymous person post a pretty solid answer which I considered acceptable.

But then Chris Dixon posted his answer to my question about Hunch.

Boom. I ask a question about a company and the cofounder / CEO answers. I’m hooked. Time to put a ring on it.

I’ve met Chris through a couple of Skillshare classes he taught, and he is a very friendly / approachable guy. Plus, his blog is incredibly insightful. He definitely gives a lot back to the community, so I am not surprised that he answered the question. But I was definitely not expecting it.

Thank you Quora for easily allowing me to directly connect with the most knowledgeable and intelligent people and for helping me continue to learn. I really hope this relationship lasts, because I’ve overcome a lot of commitment issues to be with you.