That's Hacktastic


This weekend, the NY Tech Day team spent some time at the hackNY Spring Student Hackathon. Having been there last semester, I can attest to this statement from Evan Korth:

"I know this is a lot bigger than last semester because we definitely have more food here than ever before. We now have empty pizza boxes stacked to 1 and a half times my height."

That’s what I call progress.

First, WOW!! I was totally blown away by al the energy, enthusiasm, creativity and talent in the room. Spending some time at the opening ceremonies and meeting with many of the teams throughout the weekend gives you such a greater appreciation for what was accomplished during the demos.

I can’t say enough about the amazing work from all the organizers in putting together another tremendously successful hackathon. There were over 300 students who gave up their weekend and ridiculous amounts of sleep to build incredible things just for the sake of building. Not only was it a great learning experience, but they were well fed as I over heard this Sunday morning shortly before demos:

"I’ve never been this overly full and completely exhausted at the same time."


I have to give a big shout out to all the companies who participated especially Twilio and Tumblr who will be featured at NY Tech Day.

We are super excited to have donated a free booth to the winning team to come present at NY Tech Day on April 19.  The competition was incredible and the judges really had their work cut out for them in picking a winner, but cLoudspeaker pulled the top honors and a nice $999. It would be quite the extraordinary sight if we could use cLoudspeaker randomly at some point at NY Tech Day throughout the whole venue.

If other student hackers are interested in presenting at NY Tech Day, send me an email to john (at) nytechday (dot) com.

Also, if you’re interested in checking out what NY Tech Day is all about (and if you’ve read this far, I’m sure you are), you can register to attend for free at

Is it too soon to be excited for next semester’s hackathon yet?