Gratefully Grateful

It was one of those days. One piece of bad news dwarfed by the next piece of bad news. And then again. The universe seemed to be piling it on pretty thick, and I wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

My first reaction was to become upset and depressed. That wasn't a place that I wanted to be. I knew that no good would come from wallowing in my sorrows, so I went for a walk.

My walk led me to a park where I took at seat and tried to clear my mind. To battle the negative shitstorm that was brewing, I decided that I needed to be grateful for everything I had in my life. I started going through all the normal stuff: family, friends, my company, not homeless, etc. And then something magical happened.

I saw a pigeon trying to eat a hard pretzel off the ground. It couldn't break the pretzel with its beak, so it was repeatedly smashing its face into the ground to try to break the pretzel. At that moment, I realized that I was indefinitely grateful that I wasn't a pigeon.

And that was that. I got up, walked over to the pretzel, crushed it into little pieces for the helpless pigeon and walked away in an eternally better mood. At least I'm not a fucking pigeon!