Free Startup Idea Fridays: ScalableSales

This is my latest post in my Free Startup Ideas series.

I've been coming up with business ideas since my earliest childhood memories. Most of them have been absolutely terrible. Some of them have been decent. And now I'm going to give away some of my best ones for free.

Am I really give these ideas away with zero expectation of return? Absolutely.

  1. Ideas are worthless. It's all about execution. If you want to take one of these ideas and run with it, do it. I'll even be happy to give you a brain dump with all of my notes on the idea as I’ve been thinking about most of them for a while.
  2. I take coffee meetings all the time with people looking for startup ideas. Perhaps one of these ideas will help them spark a new idea of their own.
  3. I want to get these ideas out of my head to clear some of my brain's RAM. That way I can come up with new and better ideas.
  4. I like giving things away and planting seeds.

Without further ado...


Elevator Pitch: There are many small business who are incredibly good at what they do but have one major problem preventing them from growing: Sales. They are terrible at sales, or they don't like doing sales or they don't have the required time to devote to sales. ScaleSales provides small businesses with highly trained, on-demand sales professionals to help them grow their organizations.

Backstory: Some of my favorite people on the planet highly encourage young entrepreneurs to learn sales. I'm talking hardcore selling -- the stuff where you have to pick up a phone and try to sell something to a stranger or go physically knock on someone's door. I took that advice literally, and 5 years ago, I was knocking on doors trying to sell people municipal bonds and stock in 3M. It was intense, but I learned so much about sales. Bottom line: sales is incredibly tough to get right and it takes a very particular set of skills and a very particular type of person.

Fortunately, that very particular set of skills can be taught. Unfortunately, most small businesses and entrepreneurs don't care enough to become experts in sales. That's where ScalableSales comes in. We provide flexible, on-demand sales professionals available on a full-time and part-basis to help you grow your organization.

Flexible Growth

Hiring a salesperson for your organization is a monumental task with so much at risk if you fail to hire the right person. You have to figure out the right compensation structure. You have to determine the right success criteria and quota. You need to identify the right sales process. You have to identify and attract the right candidates to interview. You have to hire the right candidate and hope (pray) that they turn out to be a winner and fire them if they are not.

Well. Now you don't have to worry about any of that. You can hire a sales professional from ScalableSales on an as-needed basis to help you grow the business. We've done the interviewing to hire the best possible candidates. We've put them through extensive training to ensure that they're up to the task. And now their ready to help you grow your business.

Let's say you create branding packages for new companies. You charge $25,000 for a full branding package that takes you about a month to complete. You estimate that you could handle 4 branding packages a month. You hire one of our ScalableSales professionals on a commission basis. You will now be able to focus on creating amazing branding packages, and your ScalableSales professional will be bringing in all the business you can handle. We bring you in 4 projects each and every month. You get $80,000 in revenue. We get $20,000 commission for bringing in this business. You would argue that you've never been able to achieve $80,000 in revenue a month, and I would tell you that's because you've never had a ScalableSales professional focused on bringing in new business for you.

How It Works

We have an introductory call to determine your needs and goals. We work with you to come up with a plan to achieve those goals. You select from our available team of sales professionals and we determine the proper compensation structure. We then go out and crush sales for you (until you beg for mercy because you can't handle all the new sales).

Here's the best part. If you like this sales professional and want to hire them full-time, go for it. Make them an offer they can't refuse. We'll collect a small placement fee, and you'll be on your way.

I must say, this is definitely one of my favorite startup ideas. If Firehawk instantly imploded for some reason (commonly referred to as the "David gets hit by a bus scenario") this is the startup that I would build tomorrow. I'm not afraid of sharing it here, because I know I can build and scale this company regardless of the competition. I've built sales teams, have gone through extensive professional sales training, and know exactly how to grow this business. That said, if you want to build this yourself, get after it. Drop me a note and I'm happy to help.